An insider from the Pentagon has released Top Secret Government information. He, along with his associates, worked on the UFO files from 1947-1952. They feel strongly that this information be released to the public, breaking the silence of a 70-year-old secret. The coordinates they have released are all UFO crash sites from the late 40s, early 50s.

Frank Skully was right all along. There were more then 63 UFO ships taken down by the U.S. Government from White Sands Missile Range. An incident in 1952 where UFO were hovering over the White House, was a warning to the government, stop shooting us down. Several hundred persons were witness to this sighting. You will find a lot of the coordinates given, are at bombsites, proving the attack on them.

Also, the Roswell Recovery Team were told that on Google Earth the government has colored-in their buildings. Where we have specified blue roofs and red roofs on the coordinates page, if you look closely at the sites, you can see that they have been colored blue or red. For what reason you might ask? Blue roofs are government buildings, ranches, and red are state buildings.

What did they do with all the ships? Easy. They built buildings around them. Today, the ships still sit in plain site in these buildings. And the sites are all covered with sensors, detecting the presence of anyone getting close. These sensors further prove the validity of the information. The sensors on the coordinate pages that say, sensor blackout are sensors that we have found on Google Earth and the government has covered over after we have marked them. You just have to go to the locations to see them.

The government did not pick up every piece of debris. That feat would have been impossible; as most of the military men were afraid knowing the debris wasnít from earth.

This is no joke. Our informants have risked their lives giving us this information. Please help us locate a piece of the ship and finally prove we are not alone. We have nothing to fear from them, as the government would deny. They have been here for thousands of years and they havenít hurt us yet. Please help us. Any metal detector will work in the search.

Contact information- Phone- 386-334- 2237
E-mail- swent@earthlink.net

The government is blocking our e-mail and phone, as we have written a half page article on the real Roswell Crash site and put it in the Roswell paper. We have received not even one illegitimate response to the information. It looks like, on your end, that the e-mail was sent but we never get them here. They (the government) can route the phones also so that they answer them and say that they are us. We have received not one call from anyone. Please just take a GPS out and find these sites and a piece of the ship. We are located in Florida; so do not have access to the crash sites directly. We will be coming out shortly, let's all work together on this, please.

Please search for MICROWAVE & SONICWAVE WEAPON ATTACKS (internet).

Must read - HAARP by Jerry E. Smith
Controlling the Human Mind by Dr. Nick Begich

Please look at these: www.annunaki.wz.cz

Look up - Project Cloverleaf
Psychotronic Weapons
Giants of India

If you feel that you are a target of these attacks please contact me: swent@earthlink.net
Smith & Wentworth Technologies, LLC
P.O. Box 290074
Port Orange, FL 32129-0074
(386) 334-2237