The Untold Story of Jesse Marcel
and Mack Brazel

If Jesse Marcel wasn’t bound by a military oath and Mack Brazel wasn’t threatened for eight days by his own U.S. military then they would have told the story that I’m about to share with you, now. Let’s start with the facts. Jesse Marcel had just graduated from the academy of balloon school for the military. I think in all honesty he would have known the difference between a balloon and a spaceship.  And if it really was a balloon then why hold Mack Brazel for eight days? We are so trained to believe authority that we over look the facts. In 1947, White Sands Missile range had just developed a new kind of high-powered radar. They were using this radar to shoot down the spaceships. The ships were hanging around because the U.S. was developing nuclear weapons at this base.

Frank Scully was right. There are more than 50 ships that were shot down. What did they do with these ships, you might ask, as some were over 100’ across? Hide them in plain sight was all they could do after the publicity Brazel had stirred up. So within 24 hours they built buildings around them, putting up sensors and leaving, while silently watching from White Sands Missile Range. The Hub Corn ranch is not the real site of the Roswell crash, as a lot of you already know. A military plane crashed on that site. Of course they would not let people go to the real site. There are still pieces of the ship out there. When the military went out for the clean up most of the men were afraid of the material for they too knew it wasn’t from earth.  The material is as light as the foil in a pack of cigarettes, and would have blown around everywhere. Brazel himself said that he had seen several pieces they missed in the cleanup. There are still pieces out there, probably about 1’ beneath the soil, caught around prairie bushes and trees. The ship exploded @ 105-31-54.13”W- 34-00-50.32”N 6302’ sending the debris onto the Brazel ranch. Don’t blame the military.  They were afraid for themselves and afraid for the people at that time. If you find a piece of the ship, please DO NOT go to the authorities with it or call the military. Videotape it 10 times and give everyone a copy of the tape. Hide the tape in safe place. Contact the media. Do this all in the same day.  Please remember people that they (space people) have been here for thousands of years and they are benevolent
Lets get out there and find a piece of this ship. It’s time we all start looking. Any regular metal detector will work. . It’s probably best to have one that goes down 2’.

Winds aloft for Wed. July 2, 1947 were @ 9.90mph (SSE). * Thurs. July 3, 1947 were @ 14.00mph (SSE). * Fri. July 4, 1947 were @ 19.00mph (SSE) * Sat. July 5, 1947 were 12.00mph (SSE) * Sun. July 6, 1947 29.90mph (S). So this means that the debris was blowing to the north-northwest. There are also sources that say several pieces were buried in the surrounding caves near or on Rough Mountain. 105-44’-14. 47” W- 34-12’-46-90” N- 8068’. Another good place of finding it would be on the ridgeline, north of the cabin @ 105-31’-26. 66” W- 34-06’-20. 60” N 6401’. Please contact me for copy of a map with mining information of that area, @ or call 386-334-2237. Remember that I never got the message unless you talk to me directly. The archeologists you hear about were working at Bat Cave @ 108-11’-38.63” W – 33- 47’- 12.19” N – 3855’, when they saw the ship crash on the mountains west of them. I have the site location for the Socorro crash. The Truth or Consequences crash site also. Truth or Consequences was called Hot Springs, after the hot springs that can be found there. So why change the name in 1950? A ship went down there too, on the mountains above the town.  What was the military to do with all the town’s people that saw it? Simple, if you tell the truth you will pay the consequences. To show how powerful we (the military) are we’re changing the name of your town so that everyday you write your address you’ll be reminded, if you tell the truth, you’ll get the consequences.

That sight is covered with sensors and the ship is in a building west of the town. The Aztec crash site is not where they have led you to believe either. There are many others with the buildings surrounded by sensors.

Please contact me for further information and look for the next half page article. Please help enlighten us all and find a piece of the ship! If you would like  more site locations and to join our group in the search please contact, Sherrie Wentworth (386) 334-2237 or at

Please make copies of this article and pass it along to others. It’s time the truth finally came out.


The real crash site of the Roswell Spaceship.
105-14’-51. 83”W, 33-50’-44. 44”N 5416’.
If was very wet and muddy that weekend.
Their truck tire track hardened in the mud.
They can still be seen, on the ground today.